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håp is a beta app and currently available only via our partners or by referral.

We have a limited number of slots for Trusted Testers.

håp is being built with students, for students.

Like all of us, håp is a work in progress. Some parts of the app are yet not active, others might not work perfectly. You can help håp get better by joining our Trusted Tester program.

As a håp Trusted Tester, you commit to using the håp app for a few minutes every day and giving feedback on how the app is working for you. 

The Role

  • Your role is to test new features, find bugs, and send us your ideas and feedback. 
  • We welcome feedback on all aspects of håp, from the app functionality to content, branding and communications. 
  • You can give feedback via the feedback form in the app or by email at any time, whenever you can.
  • In addition, we might send you online surveys asking about specific features and design decisions, and invite you to focus groups or design workshops with other håp trusted testers.


  • You receive free access to håp for yourself, and for your friends via our referral program.
  • You get access to latest releases. The app will update frequently as new features and designs are added.
  • You get to see how you are helping to improve håp first hand. For each app release, we will share on the håp blog how we’ve addressed feedback from testers.
  • You also get limited edition håp merchandise!

This role is vital to the success of håp, to ensure it’s working for people like you. If you want to help håp get better, sign up to be a Trusted Tester. We need a few details, so please fill in our sign-up form.

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